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Top 10 Pharma Compliance Solution Companies - 2021


In the wake of COVID-19, the pharma sector witnessed a surge in tech-driven innovations built to help the dynamic business arena cope with the disruptions of the pandemic and drive the fastest-ever vaccine development trials in history. With these never-before-seen circumstances causing a widespread digitalization of processes, the pharma compliance space also delivered comprehensive new regulatory mandates to ensure that sensitive information is always stored and transferred securely. And in this evolving market brimming with emerging opportunities pharma compliance solutions and services vendors are helping their clients significantly improve the efficiency and productivity of their compliance operations.

From a technology perspective, the utilization of robotic process automation (RPA) and machine learning algorithms is helping pharma businesses automate cumbersome processes and minimizing human execution. Similarly, other solutions that leverage AI, IoT, and blockchain technologies are also helping pharma companies stay abreast of the latest developments in the regulatory channel and quickly move to action in establishing timely compliance.

In order to help organizations steer through the ever-evolving pharma compliance space and find the solution that best suits their needs, a distinguished selection panel of Pharma Tech Outlook has examined and selected the leading-edge pharma compliance solution and services providers, and shortlisted the organizations that are leading the charge in resolving the prime challenges in the pharma compliance arena.

We present to you Pharma Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Pharma Compliance Solution Companies – 2021”

    Pharma Compliance Solutions Companies

  • Cutting Edge Information (Cutting Edge) is a Market Research Company that specializes in collecting and analyzing global FMV data. The company’s data approach has been accepted by the majority of the largest pharmaceutical companies, as it reduces regulatory and compliance risk, is customizable, increases HCP acceptance of compensation fairness, and can be delivered in almost any format to meet existing FMV system needs. Its FMV customers include more than 250 companies, and Cutting Edge is the provider of choice to the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies

  • With a combination of both the powerful and feature-rich DEA registration database search engine—DEA NPI software and its manual search tool–DEA License Lookup forming its core, the company allows registered entries to fully access their DEA database and find validated information related to reformed norms. While DEA NPI lets users automate downloading of the raw data set, the state-of-the-art manual search solution offers a flexible search of DEA data based on multiple variables like name, address, zip, and others. When combined, the duo facilitates the building of a cross-reference output file that can be used for application development and seals all possible data touchpoints

  • First Pharma Consultants, LLC is a pharmaceutical consulting company, who helps pharmaceutical & biopharmaceutical companies accomplish their goals by providing affordable and reliable solutions for their engineering and regulatory needs. The company provides quality compliance systems to meet the regulatory and compliance requirements mandated by various regulatory bodies. mentions Gary Custis, CEO of First Pharma Consultants. The company provides engineering and compliance solutions to the Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical, Medical device, Pharmacy 503a, and Human Drug Outsourcing facilities (503b)

  • ClearDATA


    Healthcare professionals across the globe trust the ClearDATA HITRUST-certified cloud to safeguard their sensitive data and power their critical applications available across the major public cloud platforms. For healthcare organizations, customers receive one of the most comprehensive Business Associate Agreements (BAA) in the industry, combined with market-leading healthcare-exclusive security and compliance solutions, and multi-cloud expertise. ClearDATA’s innovative platform of solutions and services protects customers from data privacy risks, improves their data management, and scales their healthcare IT infrastructure, enabling the industry to focus on making healthcare better by improving healthcare delivery, every single day

  • Compliance Insight

    Compliance Insight

    Compliance Insight has steadily grown and become a recognized leader in regulatory services. Today, Compliance Insight offers services domestically and internationally and has successfully executed services on hundreds of projects around the globe. The company tailors its practice and services to fit clients' business’ unique needs. Its dedicated consultants take on client goals as their own and develop customized, comprehensive solutions that will meet their needs at every level and stage of the manufacturing and marketing process

  • Ideagen


    Ideagen plc provides market-leading information management, safety, risk and compliance software solutions that allow organizations to achieve operational excellence, regulatory compliance and reduce risk. The company's mission is to enable their clients to improve their organizations by providing the tools which can help improve customer service, increase efficiency, reduce risk, enhance compliance, and lower costs. Ideagen's wide portfolio of solutions range from Audit & Risk Management, Document Management & Workflow, Capture, Process Mapping, Order Communications, Infection Control, Electronic Medical Record and ED Management. Currently, more than 5,000 organizations use Ideagen products including seven of the top 10 UK accounting firms, all of the top aerospace and defence companies and 75% of the world's leading pharmaceutical firms

  • Intagras


    Intagras is a leading global provider of comprehensive enterprise level pharmaceutical regulatory software solutions. Its leading–edge applications provide valued clients with a proven, significant return on their investment. Intagras brings industry expertise and experience to bear on every task. The company strives to be the best of the pharmaceutical software companies. Its success is predicated on one thing only - client success



    IQVIA (NYSE:IQV) is a leading global provider of advanced analytics, technology solutions, and clinical research services to the life sciences industry. IQVIA creates intelligent connections across all aspects of healthcare through its analytics, transformative technology, big data resources and extensive domain expertise. IQVIA Connected Intelligence™ delivers powerful insights with speed and agility — enabling customers to accelerate the clinical development and commercialization of innovative medical treatments that improve healthcare outcomes for patients

  • Med-Script Associates

    Med-Script Associates

    Med-Script Associates offers regulatory affairs and R&D consultations for the pharma industry. Since it was founded, Med-Script has filed and received approval for hundreds of submissions. These include Clinical Trial Applications, New Drug Submissions and Supplements for Pharmaceuticals, Biologics and Natural Health Products in all therapeutic categories. We have also prepared, filed and received approval for Medical Device Submissions

  • qordata


    qordata is a data analytics and integration startup specializing in pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries. With a DNA in data integration and analytics, qordata provides software and tools to extract insights for decision making from a variety of publicly available data sets. Its consulting services enable pharma, biotech and device companies to operationalize the use of data based decision making across business functions such as compliance and marketing