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Patrick Leyseele, CEO, PinnaqlPatrick Leyseele, CEO
They say teamwork makes the dream work. Perhaps this idea has been the main driver for companies of all sizes to approach Pinnaql to solve their complex pharma and life science compliance challenges. As a boutique advisory company, Pinnaql is home to highly talented and experienced consultants zealous about taking the burden off the clients' shoulders in driving project outcomes. The company's consultants lead from the front, ensuring that actions are taken on time and reports are shared with all the stakeholders. "Rather than just completing the office hours, our employees work in the field with the clients, focusing on project execution at a granular level to ensure every problem is being taken care of," says Patrick Leyseele, CEO of Pinnaql.

The current big challenge facing the industry is data integrity and automation as more life science companies adopt cloud, digital technologies, and artificial intelligence. When Pinnaql sets out to address its clients' concerns, it begins with a brainstorming session to assess if the project requirements fall into the scope of core capabilities. If so, it strives to understand clients' priorities and carefully draws the roadmap, touching upon the cost, technology tools required, and the timeline for completing the project. With a clear project scope in hand, the company works with clients to execute the project. Pinnaql unleashes its seasoned consultants focused on project delivery rather than clocking the number of working hours. The client-centric company values people with innovative mindsets looking forward to fostering meaningful relationships with clients. Since its inception, Pinnaql has maintained a high employee retention rate, ensuring clients can work with the same talent for years.

Pinnaql’s care for its talented workforce is at its full display in the current COVID-19 period.

Our consultants work in the field with the clients, focusing on project execution at a granular level to ensure every problem is being taken care of from its core, not just patchwork

While firms are struggling to come to terms with the new form of remote working due to lack of infrastructure, Pinnaql has moved to online working like a breeze. "Because most of our infrastructure is automated, moving online wasn't an issue," says Leyseele. However, the company has focused its energy on employees' mental well-being with an in-house counsel who consistently approaches them to understand their requirement and challenges in relation to working from home. The company also follows up with its employees by offering domestic support who can address their needs, taking care of children, for instance, to ensure they can focus on work with peace of mind. The company has been active in helping clients manage operations in this crisis period. For instance, one client appreciated Pinnaql's ability to quickly move the Quality Assurance teams off-site and setup in a cloud environment and get the process going with minimum disruption.

Client-centric company Pinnaql developed RYTAID, an artificial intelligence platform for the life science industry. RYTAID is a software solution that leverages advanced technologies to help QA and QC professionals get rid of repetitive tasks and focus on core processes. A case in point, a Pinnaql clients’ lab personnel experienced loss of time in executing analysis followed by reviewing audit trail. To make it easier for the QA personnel to approve, RYTAID performed the audit trail review. It not only created an automated report but also ensured backup with detailed steps to support QA’s decision-making. Leyseele talks about another client, a European drug manufacturing company that needed to cut downtime for product testing in a university setting. Pinnaql optimized the testing process, providing the client with access to data, so they can release their product faster in the South American markets.

In the future, Pinnaql looks to fuse its software with its consulting service to automate projects and reduce the delivery time.
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Patrick Leyseele, CEO

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